You have reached the Internet home of Christopher Cash and The Brilliant Deductions, an original band from Fallbrook, California. Thanks for stopping by. We are a band of semi-like-minded individuals who have come together to exercise our creative muscles, have fun, and make some great music together.

Our influences include The Beatles, Tom Petty, Guess Who, Jellyfish, Eric Clapton, Oasis, and much more.  If it sparkles, jangles, has a tight arrangement, clever lyrics, good singing and strong hook, we like it.  Christopher Cash has been performing in bands since childhood, as have all of his bandmates.  Since moving to the San Diego area in late Nineties, he has released two albums: Hollywood Mirage in 2005, and Invisible in 2008.  Cash moved to Fallbrook in 2013 and took a brief hiatus from music to build himself a recording studio called Sonic-Rocket.

In 2017, Cash put the finishing touches on the studio and dove head first back into the music scene.  He recruited some of the area's top musicians from among his closest friends.  First to become a member of the group was long time pal John Saccoman.  John is a fantastic bassist, and really fun and funny guy. By day he fixes complex medical equipment and by night enjoys wine, and song. Next to become a member was Dick Winter.  Dick is the perfect drummer for the group.  He has all the style and simplicity of Ringo Starr, and is more than capable of stretching out into more complex rhythms.  Dick can stick to a click-track like glue and always plays exactly what the song needs.  The most recent addition to our star-studded line up is Lead Guitarist Chris Mares.  Chris is an accomplished singer/songwriter in his own right.  He has a great sense of melody and knows how to rock.

Christopher Cash is the principal songwriter, bringing rough material to the group for their approval.  Those that get the thumbs down never see the light of day, those that get the thumbs up get the full attention of the entire group.  Everyone in the band contributes to the arrangements, and together we tweak, twist and tinker with the material until it meets our collective approval.  The guys are brilliant in every way!  They are able to quickly deduce what the song needs to take it to the next level, thus the name:  Brilliant Deductions.

Have a look around, and feel free to reach out to us with questions and comments.


Fun at the Fair

Well, the show at the fair was lots of fun. We now have greater than ever appreciation for sound reinforcement mixing engineers. The guys at Sonic-Rocket have spoiled us. The sound person at the fair did not know what they were doing so they spent the whole hour twiddling knobs on the mixer trying to figure out what they did.  They fluctuated between screeching feedback and turning off our monitors. *sigh*  In spite of the distractions we played half decently and had fun time. Some old friends showed up to cheer us on which made it even more special. Thanks to all who came out.