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Our First Music Video!

We’re stoked to tell you that we just finished up our first video. We chose One Way Ride, mostly because the music was finished first and nothing stood in the way of ataking the next steps. I’m biased, but I think it came out way cool.

The guys were really great, Shea with his blankly (Caroline’s sleeping bag) and Jan with some old pajama bottoms delivered Oscar-worthy performances 😉 Dick’s Taxi driving work would make Robert Deniro proud.   Attached image is one I took while driving behind Shea’s mock-taxi in the way to the cemetery.

Special thanks also goes to Kevin Spencer! He has a real gift for composing shots and is a mega-cool dude. We could not have done it with him.

Check it out here

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Jan and his creamy leads…

Just wanted to report that we had session last night at Sonic-Rocket. We’ve been working on our next release, Beautiful Lies. We’ve got the drums, keyboards and acoustic guitar recorded so when band practice was cancelled due to illness, it provided the perfect opportunity to record Jan’s parts.

It never ceases to amaze me what a great guitarist Jan is… and so fun and collaborative to work with. We set him up in the control room with his beautiful guitar and his pedal board. We ran Little Labs STD (single transistor instrument cable extender) into the iso booth where we’d mic’ed up a Roland 120 Jazz Chorus. Great fun! We even got a surprise visit from our pal Kevin Spencer who hung out with us and took the featured image for this post on his iPhone.

Jan nailed the parts and now we’re ready to finish up with final lead and backing vocals.

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