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Hollywood Mirage
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Christopher Cash — Hollywood Mirage
Release date : Jun. 01, 2005
  1. Flicker Of Light
  2. Hollywood Mirage
  3. Pardon Me
  4. Cynthia's Smile
  5. Kithicor Wood
  6. Broken Sky
  7. Under The Table
  8. Legends Lost
  9. Brace For Collision
  10. Precarious World
  11. Taxi Driver
  12. Unpracticed Pose
  13. Butterfly
  14. Evergreen
  15. Electronic Religion


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After what seemed like ages trying to put a band together to record an album, I woke up one morning and said: "screw it... I'll do it myself!"  That's how Hollywood Mirage got started.   I put together a list of 15 songs to record and found a local recording studio called Track Star to help me get started.  There I recorded acoustic guitar / vocals to click track in about two hours.

Josquin des Pres put me in contact with an excellent drummer Jon Mattox who had been the drummer for a group called "The Young Dubliners."  Jon charted out each song and in one long 10 hr+ session we did drum tracks for all 15 tunes.

I started with overdubs at Track Star but quickly realized that it was not the place to finish the album.  I heard the music of local producer Joe Ongie and was very impressed.  I made arrangements to visit him at his studio in Santa Ana and we immediately struck up a friendship.  Joe is an incredible artist (in more ways than one) and was the perfect person to guide me through making my first real album.  Do check out Joe's art work as he is truly amazing!

Joe and I basically did everything bringing in a few session players for key parts.  Joe introduced me to Barry Hovis, who played keyboards and Kurtis Gentile who played lead guitar.  Joe played bass, and called in some other friends for cello and saxes.

It was really fun making Hollywood Mirage.  I listen back with fond memories of hanging out with Joe and learning so much about making records.

-= Christopher Cash