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Sacred Heart
Christopher Cash and The Brilliant Deductions — Sacred Heart
Release date : Feb. 27, 2018
Label : Sonic-Rocket Productions
  1. Sacred Heart


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Sacred Heart

We’re very pleased to share with you a new release by Christopher Cash and the Brilliant Deductions called “Sacred Heart.” A while ago, I found out via Facebook that my very first girl friend died unexpectedly. I had remained distantly connected with her over the years but news of her passing really hit me hard. I didn’t know quite what to say. Diane was always fun, funny, adventurous and most of all kind.

I met her online, well before the Internet… how you ask? Back in the early Seventies, there was a number you could dial to hear the time: “At the tone, the time will be…” an automated voice would repeat over the telephone lines. It didn’t take long for kids to realize that everyone calling in was added to a “party line” so in the background behind the time telling robo-voice kids would holler out their phone numbers so others could connect with them.

Diane came from a pretty strict Catholic household, but we found plenty of opportunities to steam up the back window of my ’64 Ford Falcon. She was attending Sacred Heart school, and I used to chuckle to myself that the Nuns there would blush if they knew what she was thinking about in class. We had good fun together. I treasure the times we shared. Diane was a very special person and the world is a lot darker without the light she brought into it. Like the song says, like a “cool moonbeam” I know she is shining down on us still.

Enjoy. Let us know how you like it. Diane, this one is for you.

-= Christopher Cash

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Special Thanks to Nick Hepfer, Kevin Spencer, Greg Lawrence, and Steve Garrett for their help.