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One Way Ride
Christopher Cash and The Brilliant Deductions — One Way Ride
Release date : Jan. 25, 2018
Label : Sonic-Rocket Productions
  1. One Way Ride


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One Way Ride

One Way Ride was the first release from the new band: Christopher Cash and The Brilliant Deductions. We're getting it out there through social media and Internet Radio. Our intention is to release a new single approximately Monthly until we get enough material to combine them into an album.

The song is a positive take on mortality. The idea being that we should all wake up, smell the coffee and make the best of this One Way Ride we're on so that when the road comes to an end, we've all enjoyed the journey.

We've shot a video for this tune and had a lot of fun doing it.  See it here.

Special guest Dave Rodway played drums on this recording. The rest is all done by the usual suspects.

Special Thanks to Nick Hepfer, Craig Carlstrom, and Kevin Spencer for their excellent help getting this (and us) off to a good start.


-= Christopher Cash

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