If She Could See

We're excited to announce the release of a brand spanking new version of If She Could See.  The version on Invisible never really did it for us, so we got inspired to do an updated version.

The Brilliant Deductions really shine on this recording.  Everything from Chris Mares' great lead guitar, John Saccoman's wonderful bass playing and vocal arrangements, Ron Ebell's flute, and Dick Winter's creative drumming work towards making in one of the best recordings we've ever done.

Apparently we're not the only one who think that as just today (Sept 27, 2019) we got notified the song has received a Grammy Nomination for the 2019 season under the category Best Rock Performance - Christopher Cash - ‘If She Could See’

We made a little video of it, but have not really promoted it much since it was not as 'upbeat' as our advisors recommended.  See for yourself.

Thanks for supporting us and making all this fun possible.