Beautiful Lies

Christopher Cash & The Brilliant Deductions — Beautiful Lies
Release date : May. 28, 2019

A jaunty tune about being told what you want to hear.

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Cube Captive

Christopher Cash — Cube Captive
Release date : Dec. 20, 2004

Talk about a limited release... I made one dozen copies of this CD and gave them to my friends. I did all the recording myself at home with Cubase. Several of the songs are earlier versions of what would end up on Hollywood Mirage. Lots of fun to make... inspired me to get serious and put out a 'real' record. This album was never for sale so there are no links to buy. -= Christopher Cash

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Christopher Cash and The Brilliant Deductions — Invisible
Release date : Apr. 29, 2008

Invisible was a fun album to make.  I had assembled a band on the heels of my Hollywood Mirage release and was excited to find a producer and go into the studio and make an album with the help of my band.  I first discovered Jeff Berkley when his band played with mine at Band Camp.  I met with him and he seemed cool and capable. We got underway at Jeff's Miracle Recording studio after choosing songs from a list of potentials I had prepared.  As it turned out, aside from basic tracks, the band did not contribute as much to the project as I had hoped.  Aside from basic tracks, the album was done with mostly just Jeff and I doing the overdubs.  Jeff did some splendid guitar work, and I enlisted help from a number of San Diego notable musicians for backing  vocals.  Like Hollywood Mirage before it, Barry Hovis supplied some great keyboard. -= Christopher Cash

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Sacred Heart

Christopher Cash and The Brilliant Deductions — Sacred Heart
Release date : Feb. 27, 2018
Label : Sonic-Rocket Productions

We're very pleased to share with you a new release by Christopher Cash and the Brilliant Deductions called “Sacred Heart.” A while ago, I found out via Facebook that my very first girl friend died unexpectedly. I had remained distantly connected with her over the years but news of her passing really hit me hard. I didn’t know quite what to say. Diane was always fun, funny, adventurous and most of all kind. I met her online, well before the Internet… how you ask? Back in the early Seventies, there was a number you could dial to hear the time: “At the tone, the time will be…” an automated voice would repeat over the telephone lines. It didn’t take long for kids to realize that everyone calling in was added to a “party line” so in the background behind the time telling robo-voice kids would holler out their phone numbers so others could connect with them. Diane came from a pretty strict Catholic household, but we found plenty of opportunities to steam up the back window of my ’64 Ford Falcon. She was attending Sacred Heart school, and I used to chuckle to myself that the Nuns there would blush if they knew what she was thinking about in class. We had good fun together. I treasure the times we shared. Diane was a very special person and the world is a lot darker without the light she brought into it. Like the song says, like a “cool moonbeam” I know she is shining down on us still. Enjoy. Let us know how you like it. Diane, this one is for you. -= Christopher Cash

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One Way Ride

Christopher Cash and The Brilliant Deductions — One Way Ride
Release date : Jan. 25, 2018
Label : Sonic-Rocket Productions

Release Date: January 25, 2018 One Way Ride is the latest (and first) release from the new band: Christopher Cash and The Brilliant Deductions. We're getting it out there through social media and Internet Radio. Our intention is to release a new single approximately Monthly until we get enough material to combine them into an album. The song is a positive take on mortality. The idea being that we should all wake up, smell the coffee and make the best of this One Way Ride we're on so that when the road comes to an end, we've all enjoyed the journey. We've got plans in the works to shoot a video for this one... should be a new adventure as well. Stay tuned. Will post as soon as we've got it "in the can." Special guest Dave Rodway played drums on this recording. The rest is all done by the usual suspects. Special Thanks to Nick Hepfer, Craig Carlstrom, and Kevin Spencer for their excellent help getting this (and us) off to a good start. Enjoy! -= Christopher Cash

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