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Big Thanks To Greg Lawrence

One of our favorite clients just paid for a half page ad in the coming edition of Professional Musician’s Local 325 publication called Soundpost. There’s nothing sweeter than a personal endorsement from a guy as talented as Greg. Thanks a million!

He added the following text:
“Local 325 member violinist Greg Lawrence with Sonic Rocket’s Chief Recording Engineer Shea Thompson.
Are you looking for a great studio to record your next project? Sonic-Rocket Productions, located in beautiful Fallbrook, CA is the place you want to go!!! I know because my son and I recorded our Topaz CD there in April. Sonic-Rocket is a fantastic studio with ‘state of the art’ equipment and highly skilled recording engineers. Visit Sonic-Rocket at and/or call Cash (760) 695-6444 and book your studio time now.”

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